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Anastasia's Art Classes Students' Exhibition

On Sunday June 9th I hosted an annual Art Exhibition for my students.

It is my 5th time organizing this kind of events. The purpose is to outline and celebrate the achievments of young artists. To share the beauty and to strengthen the soul of inner creativity in each artist by showing to them the importance of what they create.

I find that it is essential for children to feel that they are artists, to bring attention to their art, to make them feel appreciated. It is also an opportunity for all parents to meet each other and other students and to see other kids' artwork. It is rewarding for my students and for myself as teacher.

I was delighted to have North Shore News attending this time. We were featured in the local news paper few days later.

My student Isabella Fu in from of her artwork.

Michelle Barabanova, age 12 in front of her artwork.


One painting got sold during this art show. Congratulations to Mateo, 4 years old!

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