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Is my child ready to attend art classes?

How to know if your child is ready for art lessons?I usually ask two questions:

- Does your child like to paint or draw?

- Is hers/his ability to focus good overall?

If you answer "yes" to both questions, then your child is definitely ready to attend art classes.If your child absolutely LOVES to draw or paint but is not able to stay focused for long, it is very normal and you're welcome to bring them to the art classes.

Ability to focus does get developed over time.It is important to understand that it happens gradually. Doing art activity can actually help with concentration.
Remember: the most important is your child's desire to paint and draw, to create.
If children already enjoy art, if they want to keep doing it, to explore new technique, that's essential and their artistic development continues naturally.

In case when the parents want their children to do art and push them into it, it might or might not work. Some interest might arise. I always try to interest my students by paying attention to them and by taking time connecting with them. If I see they're still not that interested after some time, I wouldn't recommend putting pressure on them. I would rather suggest to give them some space and gently reintroduce art to them later.

In a meantime, maybe parents could do some art lessons instead? :)

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