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Men in art.

Traditionally and historically men have been more involved in art than women. 

Most of the big famous artists we know are male. 

Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock etc. 

There's so many! No matter how involved or not we are artistically, we all know those names.We are so used to male artists, it even became a cliché. 

Men artists are bright and prominent, unusual and influential. 

We admire them, we want to imitate their style, we're dying to understand them, to get closer to their vision from the inside.

At the same time among children there's much less boys doing art those days. 

It even became a stereotype: girls take watercolor or drawing classes, boys join soccer team or play volleyball for example. 


Should it really be that way? From my experience, boys can be really great at art as long as they are into it, if they feel the desire to create. I always encourage parents to give an opportunity to all of their children to explore art, to see how they can fit in it, how they can be part of it, what they can contribute. Art is not really a girlish thing. Maybe your son is a future influential big artist, who knows?


Last week I went to Cultural Crawl in Vancouver, it is an event where lots of artists open up their studios to public, and I meet many female artists there. Maybe there was even more female artists than male. Why is that? What happened? 


When I was little, I used to think that only men can be real artists. I could easily picture an ideal artist with his own particular vision, strong skills and great passion for expressing through colors. 

But along my artistic journey, I met many various artists: both women and men, they all have various talents, and each of them have something really special. One see colors in a very fine way, some create fantastic composition, others are extremely expressive through texture.


I wonder now: does art really have a gender? Can you tell from an artwork if the artist is male or female? 

Do you have friends artists? Men or women? What is your observation of their style?

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