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Intuitive Painting Course


This course will help you to start creating on your own from nothingness, from emptiness and to become art therapist for yourself.

I want to show you the way to get deeper connection with yourself through meditation followed by painting. You will also find a block of theory in each lesson.

I want to help you to clear your mind before and during the process of painting, to find inner piece and freedom in the process of creating.

The course is meant to help you reconnect with the artist inside you and to expand your creativity potential. I will share some meditation and tuning in techniques that will help to recognize your intuition, to listen to your inner voice and to find mindfulness. The idea is to help understanding what you really want in painting and in everyday life.

During process of creating you will connect with your subconscious mind as it becomes much more active when we create. Meditation will help you to go even deeper, to recognize your feelings easier and to express them through colors. My invitation is to help you start creating freely from your hearts.

Once the painting is done, I will share my approach to interpreting the artwork, I will show you how to translate it. All creations that we make are messages from our souls, that's why it is important to take responsibility to find meanings in them.

One of the main ideas is to focus on the process, not on the results. The deeper we step into each moment, the more engaged we are, the better results we will naturally achieve overtime.

In terms of paintings we will learn fundamentals of oil painting technique while exploring landscape, still-life and abstract genre.

Course consists of 6 main lessons and one introduction lesson, 7 lessons altogether. Each lesson has 3 parts: meditation, theory block and the process of painting itself.

In the introduction lesson you will find a complimentary practice which is called "7 level of contact" technique. This exercise is to help you to find the connection with the reality after the process of creating or at any time.

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