Art School
Boost your inner creativity

Anastasia's Art Classes is an independent art school based in North Vancouver. The school provides a positive environment for aspiring artists of all ages to attain a quality visual arts education. The focus is on developing students' artistic vision and ability to create through learning the fundamentals of visual art in a present-day context.

Anastasia's Art Classes offer students a unique opportunity for hands-on studio learning and exposure to artistic mediums and trends in painting, drawing and mixed media, including resin and acrylic pouring.

Anastasia's Art Classes teach students of all levels with both traditional and contemporary approaches, offering a selection of courses that is designed to further develop students' inner creativity and skills.

Anastasia's Art classes also offer special events including birthday parties and various workshops for kids and adults.

The mission of the art school is to build a strong, accepting and supportive artistic community and make art accessible for all ages and levels of experience. The only thing one needs to start creating is passion and a desire to do so.

See what our students have to say

Highly recommend these classes!!! Anastasia can magically teach to draw even those who have never held a brush in their hands. Very patiently shows all the subtleties and techniques, so that in the end you get a real picture. I always leave the classroom with a great mood and job satisfaction!!!

Natalya Belyaeva

Thanks for the great classes, Anastasia! My daughter regularly attends them for more than a year, and she enjoys each and every one of them. Also, as a parent, I really appreciate the flexible schedule.

Elena Sagalaeva
Parent of Student

Anastasia Kondratovitch has a unique approach to the art and people. She is giving an opportunity to each individual to shine it's best trough the paintings, and she is there for you when you needed her to help you to get in touch with your instincts to reflect your own vision on the painting. She is a guide the the SOUL!

Alena Kuksa

My mom started painting in her 70+ with Anastasia. It is such a positive and encouraging experience for her! Anastasia does the magic working with people of different skills, background and age and helping them progress, have a great time and leave the class with a happy smile. Can definitely recommend the class to everyone!

Tetiana Novokhatska
Relative of Student

Anastasia is inspirational and very knowledgeable teacher. Her art class is a great place to learn different painting styles and techniques. She always brings a lot of materials and ideas to help the students develop and grow. My daughter always looks forward to her classes and counts down the days. I also like the class size and the warm and friendly atmosphere.

Darinka Shapovalova
Parent of Student

My daughter (8 y.o.) is getting the classes at Anastasia's art school at about 4 months. She really loves to go and create her new small masterpieces under the supervision of Anastasia. Daughter always coming back from there in a good mood. We never had such a good experience before. I would highly recommend that. Thanks, Anastasia!

Artem Chichagov
Parent of Student